Sunday, July 02, 2006

Recovery, How Boring, or the Graben 10K Race Report

Yesterday (Saturday) I spent some time in my woodworking shop working on a small cupboard that my wife can use a coffee machine and “stuff” at work – nothing fancy, just painted plywood.

The weather was beautiful again, sunny and a mild 29C/85F. After grilling up a couple steaks for lunch my wife took a nap and I took an hour walk around the fields surrounding our town. Not the same as running, but pleasant just the same.

This morning I woke up an debated whether I should run the 10K race that was offered at the next town, Graben, the town with the Running Club that I have been thinking about joining. So after pondering over the negative aspects of running a race a week after an ultramarathon, which took about a zillionth of a second, I suited up and drove my scooter to the race. I told my wife that I was just going to go and run a “fun run”, which she never believed for a moment.

So anyway I rode my scooter to the race and parked right next to the school in the bicycle parking area. All the car parking places were filled as I knew they would be, thus the reason for taking the scooter.

It was already 26C/79F and humid – the race was going to be a hot one! I picked up my race number and chatted with a couple people I know – Friedrich Vetter from the Running Club Phillipsburg, he ran the 80K race last weekend too! Albert Ulrich, the 91 year old runner that frequents the local races, he was only going to run the 5K today – too hot!

About 15 minutes before the race I jogged a few minutes to warm up, then took my place at the Start. I new from running this race previously that walkers and slower runners tend to line up at the front and middle of the pack, so I made sure I was well in the front.

So after a few minutes the start pistol went off and we were on our way. I decided to push and see what my body could deliver! I ran the first kilometer in 4:46 (7:40/M) and the second in 4:49/K (7:44/M). As we headed out over the open fields in the full sun I could feel the humidity trying to zap my energy. I tried to ignore this and just concentrated on keeping the pace up. After about 10 minutes we again entered the shade of the forest – the trails that the Graben Running Club uses for their training – I knew them well as I trained on them through the winter.

I passed the 5K half-way point in just over 24 minutes, it was still possible to break my 48:18 personal record, but I had to keep the pace going. I attached myself to a talk, lanky, young man that slowly passed me – I figured if I could hang with him I’d make it.

I passed the 6K marker, 4:55/K (7:55/M) pace, I need to keep this going. Past the 7K, I was breathing heavy, the younger man was speeding up. I hung with him, gosh the time is going by slowly – why do I do this to myself.

So out into the sunny fields again, the forest was so nice and cool…come on Jack, don’ get soft now. So on across the fields, back onto an asphalt path – we joined back with the 5K runners – just a few 5K runners straggling in.

I passed the 8K maker, just one foot in front of the other. We headed back into town, made a left, then a right, past the 9K marker – time to pick up the pace. Huff, puff – gosh I wish I didn’t eat so much the last couple days, I’m carrying an extra 5 pounds today – I feel it all.

Last corner, the young dude left me in the dust, I pass a few, there’s the finish – I try to sprint but it is weak, I cross the finish – glad that’s done. Whew!

Dang, I’m 8 seconds too slow – 48:26. I missed breaking my personal record (48:18) by 8 seconds. But that is still good for a new SECOND BEST!! Whoohoo!

So I walked around for a couple minutes to cool down, then gorged myself with cold watermelon that they were offering – umm, the best part of the run!

As I stood in the shade cheering in the last of the runners I got to talking with a young lady from the Graben Running Club about there group. She invited me to stop on by an run with them next Wednesday night. Sounds cool!

How was your weekend?

Great race Jack!!!
geez louise, a 50 miler last week, and a second best (by only 8 seconds!!!) the following week!!!
Good to know you can use your ultramarathons as training runs for your 10ks! You crack me up. Great race, and it *did* sound fun, anyway.
You are more than an ironman!
you are a running stud, jack...that is all i have to say :)

oh, i did want to ask you...and forgive me if i missed an earlier post on this, but are you running the half or full marathon on July 22?
8 seconds? Blimey, that's mighty close, and to do it when recovering from an ultra is very good. And probably a bit stupid too. Take it easy now, no more fast stuff for a while.
Funny how time seems to stand still just when you want it to go flying by, doesn't it?

Congrats on a great 10K!
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