Thursday, June 15, 2006

Yeah, bring on the heat!

After work yesterday it was a toasty 35C/95F as I suited up and headed out the door for a run around 4:30 p.m.. I ran the same 9K/5.5M route as Monday night, but this time I just let my legs decide how fast they wanted to run. I started out about the same speed as my tempo run on Monday, but by the end I had slowed down by 30 seconds, it was hot! I averaged 5:35/K (8:58/M), a pretty good pace considering the heat.

So why is Jack braving the summer heat? Well, the answer is easy, the 80K/50M run starts at 5 p.m., the hottest part of the day in our region. We have had an extremely cool spring, this sudden heat wave is a shock to the system. With only 9 days to go until race day it is imperative that I get used to the heat as soon as possible.

In any case I felt good after the run, this is a good sign. I drank around 3 liters of water throughout the day before running, this is essential for running successfully in the heat.

Today is a holiday in Germany, so I am waiting until it gets hot so I can run a couple more hilly sections of the 80K race route. My goal is around 21-23K (13M+), easy pace. I have 3 liters of weak sports drink loaded in my CamelBak and I’ve been hydrating since I woke up this morning (5 a.m.) – it is supposed to reach at least 32C/90F by this afternoon – bring on the heat, I’m ready!

Waiting for the heat? Go figure that as a smart thing to do?!? good luck on your race and stay hydrated.
It just hit me - you'll be running "together" with me:) I'll have heat to deal with as well - usually it comes above 100F in canyons. Unfortunately for me, there is no heat right now in OR. Oh, well, I'll just deal with it as it comes.
heat training, woo hoo! i found it very valuable for S&S
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