Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Swim Night, Weather and Webpages

Yesterday was a cooler but humid 27C/81F when I stopped at the swimming pool after work. I witnessed a rather comical display as I began my laps, about 90% of the people at the pool were huddled around the giant TV screen in the snack bar. I mean, it was only German vs. Ecuador, why pay to go swimming and then spend your time watching TV.

In any case I swam through two goals by Germany - obvious from the roaring of the crowd. I think I was the last remaining male in the pool by the second goal, I obviously would not make a good German, good thing I’m proud to be an American!

The weather prediction for Saturday’s 80K race is looking gloom: 33C/92F, sunny and humid – with a chance of rain by Sunday morning. It’s going to be ugly!

I spent the rest of last night working on my webpage which I have neglected for so long. I’m trying to organize some of my favourite race reports, pictures and travel stories for my family and friends. I’ll eventually put a link on my blog when I’m done.

Speaking of the blog, I have decided that I have had enough of, which doesn’t allow me to edit my posts anymore, rarely lets me post a picture and doesn’t always let people comment. I will eventually be moving to a new host, I’ll let you know when it’s time.

You want wet and cold? One look at the weather map says you are going to get your wish! I don't believe that prediction for Saturday.
I can just picture the pool atmosphere, Jack. And you just ignoring it all. How funny!
Yeah, blogger is annoying me as well. If you find a good (free) blog engine, let me know!

Sports just don't do it for me (except the Tour of course!)
Glad you swum:)
There are times I dislike blogger for the same reasons, but basically I accepted its imperfections and don't want to move. Too consuming. Best to you this weekend, I'll be out of computer Thursday-Monday. Make sure to try and eat - for me humidity makes it impossible to digest. Small sips, liquid meals? Hopefully you don't have this problem.
Wow, you're one tough one to keep swimming. :)

Yeah, blogger acts up all the time!
go over to - jeff has a great free blogging engine, I love it.

good luck with your race tomorrow!!!!!!
Yeah, my pics disappear from blogger, maybe I will contact Jeff on his site...

Good luck with the race!! Drink up the day before (Olga's advice) and stay hydrated during the race!!

How is the course, is it shaded by any chance?
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