Wednesday, June 28, 2006

So Where Am I Running To?

I’m enjoying my successes that I have had with my running the last couple years – I’ve come a long ways! On the other side my marathon DNF in March is a constant reminder that I am only human, that I need to keep a cool head and train smart, and not rush. Since my marathon disaster I have slowed down my race tempo a little and seemed to have found my groove.

I would like to keep going longer and further, I am pretty sure that I could do a 100-miler if I had enough time to train properly. However there are too many hurdles in the way at the moment. My wife’s job contract runs out at the end of the year so she needs to find a new job. With unemployment at a record level in Germany this will be no easy task. With our hefty mortgage we both need to work, particularly since the introduction of the Euro which drove the price of EVERYTHING through the ceiling. So this needs to be the center of our attention for awhile.

Another personal hurdle is that my wife only tolerates my running, nothing more. Without my wife’s full support, training for such a long race, e.g. 100 miles, would be like running a dark mountain trail without a flashlight.

In any case I will still be running some shorter races this year, a few 10K’s, a HM or two, a marathon in September and maybe a 50K in October. My wife is already asking me when I am going to “slow down a little”, so I need to make sure that I don’t get too carried away.

For next year I may be forced to pick fewer (but hopefully longer) races to pacify my better half. In any case this is a delicate issue and I have to be careful in order to maintain peace on the home front.

I have a good tip for those of you whose spouse (or partner) either runs or fully supports your running – give them a hug, maybe some chocolate, whatever – you don’t know how lucky you are!

you keep a really cool head on your shoulders, jack. i hope everything works out with your wife's work situation and that this pressure is eliminate from your life soon.

perhaps with time, your wife will get more on board with your running pursuits. if that doesn't happen, i am sure you will find a way to balance things out to make everyone happy. i just hope you don't have to give up too much. you deserve a little happiness, too.
All that stress makes your running probably all that more important. Sounds like a good plan to keep yourself at 50k or less this year, though. Her job situation has got to be terribly stressful to her--and she may want you around to help soften that stress.
This is only one year in your life, and you've accomplished soo much! I admire you, for whatever that's worth!!
My husband and I do have some very different interests - we try to be indulgent of hobbies that make no sense to us. (Grown people sitting around a table playing D&D? Please!)

Hopefully your wife's job situation will get sorted out and she'll be able to throw herself into the excitement of a new challenge. And you can go for a run! ;-)
Hi Jack, sorry I haven't been around for a while, and hadn't congratulated you on your recent achievements. So, well done.

O know teh feeling with regarding to the situation with your wife. My othe rhalf tolerates my running, likes me to be fit etc., but cannot understand why I HAVE to run EVERY day, and certainly cannot understand these races etc I want to take part in. They impinge on me doing other things, like ironing ;) (Last bits a joke, but you know what I mean).

Balance is important, and those chocolates and flowers are very important. Good luck on the job search and I hope all works well for your good lady.
I'm definitely lucky to have a husband who supports of all my whims, passions, and idiosyncracies. I definitely consider you an ultramarathoner! You run so far all the time--like it's nothing!
Spousal support can be a really touchy thing. My spouse is now 100% behind me, even bragging to me about to others, but it took awhile.
Hopefully she can see your running as a positive habit you've acquired!
good luck balancing the home life with the running life! it's a tough situation. in ours, we fight over who gets to train :) not sure if that's any better or worse than your situation :)
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