Monday, June 26, 2006

A Short Recovery Run

After work today I went for a short 6K/3.5M jog, easy recovery pace, about 6:30/K (10:30/M). My legs were very tight, the quads still a little sore, but after the first 5-10 minutes my legs warmed up and started feeling much better. It was a nice sunny day today, a pleasant 29C/85F, a slight breeze and a pretty blue sky. I took my time and thoroughly enjoyed my run. So now a couple days of rest, then maybe Thursday another jog.

Here is a couple pictures that my wife took at the start. I’m wearing the blue hat and the goofy grin.

Great pics. I'll have to remember to wear bright blue - I can spot you in each of those pics!!!
I'm completely speechless at the number of people willing to do this. It's like some strange alternate universe!
Great pics!
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