Friday, June 09, 2006

Running with a Friend

Last night I drove to Konigsbach, where I ran the 8.2K race a couple weeks ago, to run with a friend (co-worker) of mine. He was sick the day of the race so couldn’t run, so invited me to come over and run some evening. So after work I drove over to Uwe’s house and we did an hour loop around his area. This was a new and pleasant experience as normally I run alone. I noticed right away that it is harder to run when you talk a lot. As Uwe doesn’t run as often as I do I probably did most of the talking, sorry Uwe – I hope I didn’t wear you out (with the talking).

Uwe invited me to stay for dinner, which I gladly accepted, I’m not one to pass on any offer of food :-) I had a chance to meet Uwe’s lovely wife and four children (ages 4-10), got a tour of the house and saw all the renovation projects that Uwe has talked about over the last year or two, and just had a super evening with some good people!

My wife also had a satisfying evening studying at home, no man around bugging her ;-)

So today is a rest day, no training. Tomorrow I want to get up at 4 a.m. and run for at least 3 hours over part of the 80K route. I haven’t decided whether to just repeat last weeks route or try a new part of the trail. The problem is that I have to be home by 9 a.m. because we have to drive to the Black Forest for a wedding reception.

Have a great weekend and happy running, cycling, swimming, walking, house hunting,...!

I love the geography lesson you give us!! Have fun at the wedding!
Take on a new trail section:)
4 a.m.? Very ambitious.
Wait, *rereads post*, do my eyes deceive me??? You actually took a day off from

I ran with a faster friend a week or so ago, she talked I nodded my head the whole time as I was to winded to talk. I can relate to Uwe. :-)
I never talk while running, because I don't have any running friends... just catch up some runners for the first time the other day and it wasn't that bad, but just for about half mile and my HR climbed to the top and I didn't noticed it.
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