Saturday, June 03, 2006

A Night Run and and EARLY Morning Run

On Friday night at 9:45 I headed out for a run just as it was getting dark outside. My goal was to practice using my running headlamp. I ran my normal running route, but turned around early. I ran about 9K/5.6 miles at an average pace of 6:00/K (9:39/M). After a quick shower I tried to get some sleep.

At 4:00 a.m. this morning (Saturday) I woke up for phase 2 of my weekend training. I had breakfast, got ready and drove to the neighboring town of Weingarten to run part of the 80K race course that I mentioned in my last blog report.

At around 5:00 a.m., with the temperature barely reaching a cool 6C/43F, I headed up my favorite hill and on to the 80K race course at the top. I have been running this part of the course for several months. After about 30 minutes I turned and followed the race course as it left my normal running route. I followed the race route downhill to the next town, Johlingen, then uphill to the next town Woschbach. Just past this town I turned around and retraced my steps back to the car.

This took me 2 hours and 52 minutes (maybe 25K/15.5M, including approx. 20 minutes of walking up some of the major hills, particularly on the way back). After I returned to the car I ate a sandwich, then continued to walk for about 20 minutes before finally calling it a morning and returning home.

My legs were pretty sore by the time I got home and showered. But after a second breakfast and a short nap I felt much better. This afternoon I spent a couple hours walking around a shopping mall with my wife, so I guess I’m not to bad off.

On Monday I am running a half-marathon as a training run. My wife wanted to visit an old coworker she used to work with (Eva) and there just happens to be a HM on Monday. So she get to gab, I get to run – sounds good to me!

Have a nice weekend.

wow, sounds like you got yourself back into training mode quickly!!!

I like your charts, and how you showed where on the course you were going to run. Here's hoping you get to the the night 80k!
Isn't that great when a race just falls into your lap? Good luck and have fun!
jack, you never seem to stop! like the energizer bunny (stupid american commercial, nevermind). Did you eat anything during the 2+ hours run?? How do you do that??

And yay on the 1/2! You and your wife sound like a perfect match. Have fun!
Wow - that's some serious miles and running. My marathon that day could've been the one you do on your back ... sleeping from 9:45 pm the previous night to the next morning after you've come back from your run ;)
What a great plan (the friends visit and half)
I liked this idea of 2 runs! Glad you enjoyed the course:)
I think you and your wife must be a hoot!! Shopping and running make a great combo and a great marriage!!
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