Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Me, an Ultramarathoner???

An ultramarathon is any running event longer than the traditional marathon length of 42.195 kilometers (26.2 miles, 45,760 yards).

Ultramarathoner’s are those weird types from some far away planet who run incredible distances, over days, weeks, and who knows how long!

I ran a 43K marathon in April and didn’t even consider that it was technically an “ultramarathon.” I then ran a 50K in May and still didn’t think about it. So this month (June) I ran 50 miles and while I feel good about it, it still didn’t really sink in that I ran an ultramarathon.

But the last two days at work I’ve had at least a half-dozen co-worker’s shake my hand and congratulate me on a good race (I guess they do read my blog). My wife also seems to enjoy bragging at work and at night school about what her “crazy man” - she came home from school last night and told me “Hi from so-and-so and congratulations!” I guess they think I did something special??

I like to run – no I LOVE to run, and I enjoy trying to see how far I can go. My first 50-miler was not easy, but when the smoke cleared I was still standing! That’s a good feeling – no that’s a GREAT feeling!

But I’m trying to remain down-to-earth, I really don't look at myself as an ultrarunner. Some people would be bragging big time by now, but I prefer to remain as obscure as possible – I’m still a penguin runner – the only thing that gets me to the finish line is that I am too thick-headed to quit. And I definetly don't LOOK like an ultrarunner, my spare tire still jiggles, I turn all kinds of shades of red when I run - at least I don't wheez and gasp for air anymore...

Oh yes, indeed, you are an ultrarunner! You are also an inspiration, Jack. You SHOULD brag a little. No a lot!!
yes, you *are* an ultrarunner!

and your description of why you are not an ultrarunner? sounds exactly like many many ultrarunners I know :)
you really make us proud, jack.
Yep, you joined the weirdos crowd. Be proud.
Jack...I hope to be following right behind in your footsteps. And get off that down-to-earth crap.....You did something amazing!! Soak it up!!! You can be a sweetie and still be proud--stick that chest out boy!!!!!!
you are amazing, jack. i can't wait to see what you will do next. my impression is this, though...i don't think there is a certain look to an ultrarunner. i think they blend in...that is why people are so impressed with them...they don't go around bragging...and when it is discovered what they have accomplished, people are so amazed that they kept it to themselves. you fit this profile exactly. enjoy the GREAT feeling you have...you certainly desrve it :)
You are quite the runner! I ran a 50 mile race and will never do it again but I still love normal marathons.
Congrats on your accomplishment.
you ARE awesome! spectacular! inspirational!! and very very unique!! brave, and talented!!! and top it off with too HUMBLE! (but we like you this way!) :)
I have a spare tire around my middle too, but you ARE an ultrarunner! We all have different looks! but you put the mileage in, and as Olga says, yep, you're a weirdo now, you will be doing marathons as 'training runs' with water stations.
Really proud of your race, Jack, you did great!
You are totally an ultra runner!! You should be proud and bragging every chance you get!!!!!!!
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