Friday, June 30, 2006

Joy is Going for a Run!

I couldn’t wait anymore, recovery be damned, I had to hit the road last night. It was a beautiful 29C/85F, sunny, warm and the trail was singing a seducing song in the gentle breeze that was blowing…

I rushed home, changed, and headed out the door with probably the biggest, goofiest grin imaginable, and was off. I started out easy and slowly built up my pace as I felt the power and energy flowing through my veins. I finished the last of the 9 kilometers with a sprint to the door - gosh what a good feeling!

In any case, despite my enthusiasm, I managed to keep the overall pace down, I averaged 5:45/K (9:16/M) for the 9K/5.5M.

I did notice that my legs are not fully recovered, so I won’t run again until Sunday. Next week I will start easing my way back into training mode, the first week keeping my pace and distance down, followed by a week of increased distance and finally a week where I try to bring my pace back up to normal. If my body is in agreement I hope to be back on schedule by the third week of July.

IMPORTANT: I will soon be moving from Blogger to – I will let you know when Amazing Jeff has me up and running.

Love the comment about the grin! It's great when runs bring that out. Have a good "move" !!
you know it! : )

you'll love being over on BTT, it's been great!
Maybe I should me the move too...I might give him a shout and see what happens.

Cool, nice running with a grin too. :)
With all the running you've done this year I'm sure recovery won't take you anytime!!
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