Thursday, June 08, 2006

"The Diet"

I haven’t talked about my diet lately. This was mostly because I have been stuck on a plateau with my weight (around 75 kg/165 lbs.) for most of the last 14 months.

My weight goal is 150 lbs., which is slightly over what my doctor told was my ideal weight (66-68 kg/145-150 lbs.) for my height (170 cm/67”).

I don’t know if I will ever weigh 150 lbs. again, the last time was when I was about 10 years old (no kidding). I averaged 155-160 lbs. during my last couple years of high school and for about a year of my 8 years in the army, but that’s it!

Anyway, I have been really watching what I have been eating (e.g. no junk or sweets) the last couple weeks, being sure to reduce calories somewhat on non-running days, and today have managed to bring my weight down to 73 kg. (161 lbs).

I am not getting too excited yet because I know the weekend is coming and I generally eat like a famished grizzly bear in the spring after my long runs. I will be overjoyed if I am the same weight on Monday. We have also been experiencing warmer temperatures, so I'm sure a lot of it is water loss.

I think what has been driving me to lose the final pounds is my wife telling me that I will “never” lose the spare tire around the stomach. For those of you who have been obese or know someone who was, then you may know it is very difficult to get rid of the fat deposits around the stomach region. In any case I have accepted my wife’s “challenge”. Anybody want to do some crunches and leg lifts?

I challenge you to do 100 crunches a day with me. Let's go!!
I'm right there with you. I've been the size I am since I was 12. At least now, I look more muscular and don't look like I weigh what I do...but man, that spare tire...

Crunches and leg lifts? I'm in!
What spare tire? Your stomach looks as flat as an ironing board in your profile pic. Or were you sucking it in violently?
I wouldn't mind doing those crunches with ya. I'm currently on a mission to lose at least half of the weight I gained in amazing 50 pounds. I've already lost 10 so I have 15 to go.

I feel your pain on the spare tire. I have a pouch as a result of the weight gain and I haven't even had a child! haha

But good luck on your challenge!
nice job on 161...even if it doesn't hold exactly through the weekend you know can get right back there during the week.
I couldn't see any spare tires either .... maybe you had a flat tire!
No meat or fried food, as well as simple carbs (pasta) - 8 lbs in 2 weeks. My "diet". I can see my stomach muscle now:)
you look pretty dang fit to, your goal cannot be to weight less than i do! and not to burst your bubble, but there's no exercise that will target a spot to get the weight off. Crunches will build muscle under the fat, but cardio (and you surely do plenty of that!) is what will get the weight off. along with the right # of calories. it's simple math! (not so simple, though!) :)
Be sure not to under eat and have crazy run

I did the mistake, and I got injured..

I run 9k every day... at 4 pm

I eat a crazy break fast, a small lunch (high in carbs) and then I get a snack at 2:30 and then I go nuts on the run.. then once am back (45 mins runs) I strech and go eat smooth, just a lil.. then I go to sleep at 9

I dont know why I explained allt his but, hey :P Dont try to eat less and run, its the worst.. whatch what you eat, eat more fruits than you can, but dont do like most people do.. eat a chocolate bar when there starving, and then feel bad about it so they eat a fruit to feel better.. cuz you en up over eating

Feel me ?
good job on the 161!!!!

yes, I have a few extra rolls around my tummy, even though I'm "skinny"! It's the extra skin from weighing over 200 pounds. I need to start planning my strength training for my next training cycle!!!
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