Wednesday, June 07, 2006

50 Miles or Bust

I signed up for the 80 kilometer (49.7 miles) Fidelitas Night Run last night. The event starts at 5 p.m. on June 24th and runs through the night. Participants have to cross 18 checkpoints before allotted cut-off times.

The cutoffs are calcuated using a pace of about 5K/hour or 12:00/K (19:19/M).

A few facts:

- Participants are required to carry a flashlight after dark and wear a reflective vest or strips on their clothing.
- Getting in a car during any part of the race will result in automatic disqualification.
- Pacers or bicycle escorts are allowed, but must be pre-registered and must bring their own support (drinks, food etc.).
- Aid will be provided at all 18 checkpoints, approximately every 5K.

My Goal

To cross the finish line any way I can in under 16 hours (the cutoff). I've been practicing my crawling techniques ;-)

woohoo! this is exciting, jack! i've always wanted to do an all night event like this. good luck!
Yaaaaaaay!!!!! You're gonna make it straight up!!!!!
Wow, 49.7 miles! That's a whole lotta miles! Gotta love your foresight--crawling techniques! Genius!
Congratulations Jack. I know signing up and commiting yourself is huge step in and of itself. I bet you won't even be crawling by the finish.
Wow, 50 miles. I've never run more than 10 miles. What kind of pace do you set, compared to your 10K pace? And, you're living in Germany, to boot? When we lived in Germany I wasn't as adventurous.
WOW! That's so awesome, it sounds like a great race!!
awesome!! that is quite a goal, but i'm sure you'll make it!
WOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, or like Rob says, smile, eat a gu, and keep going.

(did you get your wife's blessing?)
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