Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Time to Put a Hobby on the Shelf

After 11 years we have finally decided that our garden and membership in the Weingarten Garden Club no longer has a place in our schedules. So the garden is gone, passed onto a loving couple who have adopted it and hopefully will continue to feed it with love and fertilizer and keep it clean and blooming.

We both love gardening, but the garden is 11K from our house and with rising gas prices and stretched schedules something had to give. We will miss the garden and our garden friends in the club.

So as we close this chapter of our life we look forward to channelling our time and resources in our other hobbies and parts of our life. Goodbye garden (sniff), you have been such a part of our life, we're going to miss you...

Jack, I have to say from reading your blog, I couldn't see where you found the time to do so much. With your swimming, biking, running. not to mention your wifes classes, and I guess you occassionally do some paid employment as well :), how did you ever find the time to keep a garden as well? -
As much as you enjoy gardening, are you planning to have a smaller one at home, or just letting that hobby fall by the wayside? I'd miss the fresh veggies!
Explain this to me ... does the whole club have gardens together in one location?
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