Monday, May 22, 2006

Tick, tick, tick...

...tick, tick, tick,...goes the countdown clock in my head. I remember counting down to my first marathon - it about drove me mad. I have been trying not to think about my 50K race on Thursday, but tick, tick, tick...

It really is not a question of being nervous about finishing, I am ready - I just finished a marathon on April 30th with energy to spare, I’ve had lots of good training runs since then, I’ve tapered like a good boy, I’ve been watching my eating, have been sleeping good the last couple nights and have nothing to prove on race day – I only need to finish. As long as I keep a cool head and don’t run into any trees I’ll be fine.

So what’s the problem? I asked myself this as I rode the train and streetcar to work this morning. I have come to the conclusion that I am greedy, I am attempting to hoard as many races as I can. I look at a race schedule and drool like a kid in a candy store.

I’ve reached the point in my running where I can run a 10K, HM or maybe even a marathon on a whim. Granted we are not talking PR’ing here, but it is still a tremendous feeling. But on the other side, it is also frustrating because I know my eyes are bigger than my stomach, or to put it in a running perspective, my body could never keep up with all the race ideas that are flowing through my head, especially during my tapering.

I mean I almost let myself get talked into running an 8.2K (5M) race on this Saturday (yeah, like he really twisting my arm), barely two days after my 50K race. And then there’s the HM on June 5th, and another one on June 18th. And let’s not forget all the 10K races in June. I was even looking over the race route for the 80K/50M Fidelitas Night Run on June 24th and drooling all over my desk..if only my wife new of the extent of my running disorder :-O

What a terrible delima to have!

Here's looking to the 50K report on the 26th (or 27th, or 28th)... I just cannot comprehend that distance.
I can't wait to read about the race!

You cannot be serious about looking for a kickboxing class. How could you possibly squeeze in MORE time for exercise without quitting your job????? :-)
I like looking up races too but at the same time I have to keep myself from entering too many.
Good luck on upcoming races.
I know exactly how you feel Jack. I cannot concentrate on my homework right now because I am ready for the next one. I am just glad they do not have 50K's on Thursdays around here or else I would never get anything done.
I feel your pain--there's so many of us.....we could start RaceHo Annonymous!! Meantime, make sure you give yourself plenty of pats on the back to be in the physical shape you're in where you could just do a HM or Marathon on a whim! Think of where you were at just six months ago!! Isnt this soooo friggin awesome!!!!!!
I can't wait to read your race report!! GoJeffGo!!!!!
BIG WHOOPS----GOJACKGO!! (brain fart---I'm getting too damn old!!)
woo hoo! well, as long as it's not during a taper, you can view a 5k or 10k a weekend as speedwork!
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