Wednesday, May 31, 2006

So, back to work!

Or actually training. After work tonight I warmed up a bit and headed out over my 14K/8.7M route. The sky was dark and looking like rain, the wind blowing, and the temperature around 16C/61F as I made my way over the first kilometer.

I cautiously picked up the pace, this was my first training run since the 50K and the 8.2 race on Saturday. I really didn’t have a time goal, I let my body dictate the pace. I gradually settled on a 5:30/K (8:52/M) pace and tried to maintain it. It felt comfortable for the first half, but as I approached the 10K tree I could feel that I was pushing more than usual. I slowed down a little bit for a 500-600 meters, but as soon as I ran out of the woods into the open path through the fields, I picked up the pace to try to get out of the cold wind and sprinkling rain as soon as possible.

I cruised my way around the fields and finally down the last dirt road back into town. I had to work to keep the pace going, but it wasn’t uncomfortable. I finished finally with an average pace of 5:29/K (8:49/M) for the 14K, a pretty good tempo run.

I’m going to take tomorrow (Thursday) night off, except for a little upper body weight training. On Friday night I will either rest or run about an hour depending on how I feel. On Saturday morning I want to run a hilly 2-2½ hour long run and on Sunday head to the pool. Monday is another holiday, so I need to plan something special for this day, maybe a hill run or a half-marathon race - I'll have to see what the wife has on her mind.

Yes, it is nice to be back in training modus! Have a great week.

You know, you SHOULD be proud of your 50k finish! Nothing bragging about it. Am so looking forward for your "tentative race" report!
Definitely train easy after such a big race! I love when you have to hold yourself back on a run. I love the runs when you surprise yourself and keep getting faster and faster. I have to do weights and get in the pool too. That seems to disapper the fastest with me. sure seems that you're a natural! Expecially with the hills.
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