Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Short Recovery Period

Last night I took advantage of my recovery time to butter my wife up for the next big race on my clipboard. Dinner, a movie, sitting at a street Cafe with a friend, and just enjoying the company of the one I love. She already figured out that I have something brewing in the background.

Anybody ever see "Brokeback Mountain"? Well, we met my wife's English class last night at the movie theater to watch this movie in English. The catch was that none of us had any idea what the movie was about. It turned out to be quite intensive, and for my rather old-fashioned, grass-roots background, almost disturbing. I have to admit that the movie was well made and of course the mountain scenery was absolutely beautiful.

Long Term Training Plans

I want to continue to work on my freestyle swimming in preparation for a sprint Tri in 2007. I also need to learn how to race with my bicycle – I am only a tourist when it comes to bike riding.

I am signed up for a hilly marathon that takes place on September 10th. I think if I continue the hilly long runs that I have been doing the last few months I won’t have too much trouble with this. I only need to learn to run the hills a little faster, e.g. build up my endurance.

Here is the elevation profile for the marathon:

I am thinking about running the Rodgau 50K race in January 2007. The catch is that there is a 6-hour cut-off, which means I have to pick up my speed significantly compared to the 50K that I just finished. The good news is that it is a flat 5K round course. The bad news is that it is asphalt-covered and takes place in the dead of winter!

Short Term Training Plans

My priority for the next week or two is to try to get my weight down a couple pounds. Currently I’m sitting at 75kg/166lbs. which is a couple pounds higher than it has been lately. My dream weight is still 68kg/150 lbs., but I at least want to get the fat level down some (e.g. more muscle, less fat).

I’m going to slowly ease back into my running over the next few days and if that goes well I want to see how fast I can get back up to my pre-50K level. For this coming Saturday (June 3) I want to try about a two hour hilly route run to test my fitness level. If I feel good after this run, then I hope to be back up to a three hour long run the following couple weekends. The run on this coming Saturday will be an important milestone for another goal that I have in mind.

If this sounds like I am moving kind of fast, well let me just say that I think the 50K race was actually less stressful on the body than my first couple road marathons. Okay the hills were tough and I felt it in my muscles for a couple days. On the other side I didn’t walk around like the Tin Man for a week, didn’t have to crawl up and down the stairs, or have extended leg problems. The 50K race pace was much slower than a road marathon, which I think has reduced the amount of recovery time that I need significantly. I’ll put this theory to the test when I lace up tomorrow night for a run.

Tonight I’m heading to the pool for some laps, followed by some upper body weight training. Have a great week!

I've started running ultras in asphalt on loop courses (some as tiny as 1.5M) - you get this living in New York city. What it teaches you is even pacing. Don't be discouraged. Although I am in love with trails and won't go back to roads (at least for a long while), there is good about trying a variety. And yes, roads give you more speed (if less enjoyment).
I hope the weights will help you peel off the last bit of weight!

As for the tri, I hadn't ridden a bike since I was 15 when I decided to do my first tri. I rode it on a mountain bike! :-O What I'm trying to say is that you are better prepared than you think. You just plan obsessively - not that that is necessarily a bad thing! ;-)
already planning the next few races, huh? you are so addicted. that's awesome. i think it's great you're coming from a bike "tourist" perspective as you begin racing. it will keep it fun. remember to keep that mentality, even when you're racing. I do that to avoid burnout.
whew, way to go, you must be excited!
I can't believe no one has mentioned Brokeback yet in your comments! It has been WIDELY discussed for months and months here. Brent's gay coworker brings it up in conversation at least once a day and is basically obsessed with it. It's been a MASSIVE phenomenon over here.
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