Friday, May 12, 2006

A Running Shoe Shopping Tale

So 13 days to go until my first 50K, I am pretty excited about it. With my marathon a week and a half ago I was pretty cool about the whole thing, I knew I would complete it without any major problems. I am slightly nervous about the 50K, but mostly I think this is a result of tapering and the associated “losing my mindness” that accompanies this.

With having run almost 1200 kilometers (745 miles) so far this year another pair of running shoes (Adidas) hit the trash can this week with almost 900K/560M on them. My wife suggested meeting her in Karlsruhe (the city near us) after work and going to Runner’s Point to pick up a new pair. Being Taper Mad I didn’t argue with her, so took the street car from work to her work in Karlsruhe and we made our way over to the store (almost across the street from her work).

I was hoping to find another pair of Asics GT2100, but all they had was the new model GT2110. Despite the sales person telling me that they were almost the same, I remained skeptical and decided to look around some more. I checked out two other sports shops in Karlsruhe with the same results. My wife remembered that we saw a pair of GT2100 at a shoe store in Stutensee-Blankenloch, the town just south of us, so we decided to stop there on the way home.

Well I did indeed find one of the last pair of GT2100’s on the planet (seemingly), and at a lower price than in Karlsruhe! While talking to the sales person at the shoe store I found out she is an avid runner and Nordic walker. She was also wearing a pair of GT2100’s! I decided to ask her about the difference between the GT2100 and the new GT2110. She mentioned that the middle sole has changed somewhat, now offering a little more support than the previous model. She had me try on a pair and I really could feel no difference between the GT2100 and the GT2110.

So I’m sitting there trying to decide which one to buy and my dear, sweet wife spoke words of love “Why don’t you just get both, you’ll wear one pair out in a couple months anyway!” So I have my third pair of Asics GT2100’s on the shelf and a pair of black GT2110’s – I mean who am I to argue ;-)

Whilst changing shoes based on number of Ks is sound logic, you could also try the sniff test.
She sounds like a keeper to me. While there may not be a huge difference and it wouldn't really matter, it's still nice to go into your 50K with an "old friend."

Enjoy your taper, and your race.
Smart wife - there's nothing worse than struggling to find a new favorite shoe!
Now that is something my wife would not have said. Mind, she wouldn't have a problem buying two pairs of shoes for herself.
what a great wife!!!! :)
50k! That's awesome. I always love buying 2 pairs of running shoes. Besides, my mom always said, "When in doubt, buy both."
Great blog! And what a great wife!! You should feed your passions... and if a pair of running shoes (or 2) does it, you're a lucky man! I hate it when there are model changes...they're NEVER the same. Glad you found the golden pair! Good luck with your running & race!
What a great wife!!!

Brent wears the same shoe and was able to get the other last pair on the planet at an expo the other day before one of our races. He also bought the new model at our local running store and is just starting to break them in. So far so good!
What a great wife. Gotta love how she thinks!
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