Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Running Fever (or Taper Madness?)

I was doing good this week, calm, cool, concentrated...until my coworker asked me today whether our company would sponsor a team for the Baden half-marathon in September. Our company already said they would only sponsor the Baden Mile and one 10K run in October – anything else we had to take care of ourselves. But this conversation erupted into a lengthy discussion on training, running, etc., in other words, all concentration was lost for the rest of the morning.

So than it was back to the grind after lunch - I was deep in the middle of copying some corrections to a Spanish version of a manual into my desktop publishing program (I don't understand much Spanish), when boom the next question came. This time another coworker asked me if I was interested in running a 65K/41M night run in July, from Baiersbronn to Baden-Baden in the Black Forest.

Of course my reflex was "Yeah, where, when, what?"

An hour later we figured out it is a fundraising run on July 7th limited to 50 people. Participants start at 10 p.m. on a Friday night and run through the night as a group, averaging about an 8:30/K (13:40/M) pace. It is slated as a beginning ultra-friendly fun run, the pace will depend on the slowest participant. The group is invited to a breakfast buffet at the finish line.

Hmmm, is that too near my 50K? I wonder how I can talk my wife into this one?? Well, first I'll see how the 50K goes, then we'll see...

¡Así pues, de nuevo a trabajo!

that night run sounds incredible, jack. i wouldn't be able to work after such a suggestion :)
oh man, four posts in three days? taper madness indeed!!! :)

oh, go for that night run. sounds incredible. it'd be great training, and you don't have to push yourself.

also, good job on your diet, and i'm so excited about your 50k! I can't wait to hear how it goes. Of course, you'll run it right before my own taper, which will add to my nervousness :)
HA! The night run sounds like a ton of fun. Somehow arrange a shopping trip/mini vacay and the wife will be all over it!
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