Friday, May 19, 2006

Random Bloggering from a Tapering Madman

Last night was a rest night and I did…absolutely nothing, I sat in my home office and caught up on my genealogy e-mails, budget etc. My wife sat at her desk and updated her resume and filled out a job application for a new job she is trying to get (wish her luck). My major physical activity for the night was mounting a new water bottle holder on my bicycle.

Random Bloggerings

- I admit that I get amused easily, or perhaps it is taper madness, but I thought the following film “Evolution of Dance” by Judson Laipply was hilarious:

- I want to run the Karlsruhe Fidelitas Night Run 80K/50M Ultra next June!

- I wouldn’t mind running the above 80K/50M Ultra THIS June (24th), but don’t know if I want to do this to myself yet!

- I have been thoroughly enjoying the blogs and website from Jason Grose (codename Viper) over the last couple months. The blog contains “The daily thoughts/rants of a Marine Officer, father, scholar, husband, marathon runner, Flash cartoonist, computer nerd.”

I highly recommend his running blog where you will find great reports on his marathon and ultramarathon races. While Jason is not an "Elite" runner, he is an awesome runner - his race reports totally leave me enticed to do what he has done. Jason is also an extremely talented writer that I hope will one day sit down and write a book about his adventures.

- So I want to do a few more runs before my race next Thursday. Tonight (Friday) I am going to drive to Weingarten and run a lap on my hilly route, which will take about 1:15:00. Sunday I want to run another 5 miles and on Tuesday about 5 kilometers. I will probably squeeze in an hour at the pool on one of the non-running days. Wednesday after work we are heading out to Rengsdorf where the race will be held, about a 3-hour drive.

Have a nice weekend!

I love that dancing video--I saved it for a laugh whenever I need one! Good luck to the wife with the job!!!
Wow----you're gonna do a 50-miler!!! YAY!!! Book it!! Then there's NO turning back.
Sounds like a great running/swimming weekend....have fun with it all! Cant wait to hear all about your ultra!!!!
woo hoo, 50 miles!!!!!
First of all, good luck to your wife.
Second of all, thanks for the site suggestion. I am going to forward it to my Marine officer. It's a small corps, they may know each other.
Good luck to your wife!
Good luck to your wife. I will have to check out those blogs you listed. I do not think I have seen them before.
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