Monday, May 15, 2006

Oh The Lazy Days of Tapering

Yesterday I took another rest day, part of my tapering plan. My wife and I went to a friend’s steam locomotive club for lunch. The club has a scaled-down steam locomotive and train, complete with tracks etc. Once a month during the warmer months they have a ride day where they offer rides to kids (of all ages) for a small fee. The weather was good, the food okay, and the time with our friends fabulous.

My tapering is in full swing, I feel fat and lazy, pigging out yesterday didn’t help. With my race 10 days away I have to slow down with my running (and my eating). Tonight and Wednesday I want to do a 45 minute run. On Saturday I will probably do one loop on my hilly training route (1 hour 15 minutes). I guess next Tuesday will be my last run before the race on Thursday – I’ll probably run for 30-45 minutes. I will also mix in some swimming and maybe some lower mileage bike riding so the joints don’t get rusty.

Have a nice week and happy running!

jack, do you mix in any light weight training with your cross training? i know a lot of runners that stay away from it, but i like to know what works for each individual.

are you enjoying your taper?
mmm, I can't WAIT for my taper!
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