Tuesday, May 16, 2006

No Taper Madness, but lots on my mind...

I am fairly relaxed about my first 50K next week (May 25th). I know it will be probably be the most challenging run that I have ever faced due to the hill climbs. It will also be the longest run that I have tried to date. But this is my first 50K, so I am just going to put one foot in front of the other and see how it goes.

I have lot’s of race ideas for the rest of the year, ranging from mild to madness. Here is a sampling:

1) July HM, September M, October HM, December HM, January (2007) 50K

2) July M, September M, October M, December HM, January (2007) 50K

3) June HM, June 50K (not timed), July M, September M, October M, December HM, January (2007) 50K

4) June 80K, July M, September M, October M, December HM, January (2007) 50K

I’m already signed up for the September 10th Rhineland-Pfaltz Forest Marathon.

The June 50K is a wandering (or volksmarch), e.g. it is not timed and probably would not count as an ultra in most people’s books. In my opinion 50K is 50K, especially when there are no (or minimum?) service points and you have to carry everything with you.

The June 80K race is the Karlsruhe Fidelitas Night Run, an official ultra with a 16 hour cut-off. My hilly running route actually follows part of this course, it is not an easy course compared to most in our area. There is no way that I can be properly trained by June for this race. However, this does not mean that I will eliminate it from my list. If my wife is supportive I may just go for the guts and the glory. But first we’ll see how the 50K goes.

There are several 65K ultras around that I could try, including a Night Run that I talked about in the last week. Most of them have 9 hour cut-offs which at my current speed and endurance level is really pushing it. I think I need to build up a year before I seriously consider these.

My instinct is that I will probably run into a time problem and will end up going with option 1 or 2 above.

Other things on my list for the summer:

- Get back on my diet: current weight 74kg/163lbs. – goal weight about 68kg/150lbs.
- Work on upper body fitness (e.g. weight training).
- Continue to learn the freestyle (2007 Tri?).
- Continue to build endurance.

So what's on your list for the rest of the year?

I read your line as "I have lots of races..." and thought as I read them: this man's crazy! Then I realized you weren't running all of them!! Enjoy the taper, Jack. Rest up:)
I guess I wasn't as clear as I could be, that's what I get for writing my posts on the train with lots of people buzzing around. These are basically 4 options or trains of thought. If I had unlimited time and energy I would LIKE to run all of them :-)
I can't believe your 50K is coming up so fast--seems like you were just thinking about it!! Is there a 50miler in your 2007 list????
it's been amazing reading along and watching your race distances increase like this~!!! amazing!!!!!! i can't even fathom these distances! good luck with the race!!!!
Good luck with the race.

My to do list fo the year:

Finish these freakin' 16 pounds and then move on!

Have a back that can only be descired as "muscular".

Be able to call myself an athlete and look the part. :-)

Become a tough martial artist babe. :-)
I am getting excited for your upcoming 50K and they are one of my favorite race distances despite my bad fortune lately. It sounds like you are preparing well for it and I have no doubt that you are ready. I can't wait to read the report.
woo hoo!!! have fun choosing!!!

I have S&S 50k, then the Sole Run 50k, then...a 50 miler!
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