Monday, May 15, 2006

My New Asics GT2110

I forgot to mention how my new Asics GT2110 fared on their first run. I only ran around 8K/5M, about 2/3 of my normal run, but they felt comfortable from the start, just as new running shoes should feel. Of course the true test will be when I take them out on a longer run - but this will happen first after my 50K race.

I also tried out a shorter pair of running short like those I see so many runners wearing at races. I usually stick to longer running shorts, typically spandex-type material because I've never had chaffing problems with these. But I recently bought a couple new pairs of sythetic material short shorts to see if chaffing would be an issue. Despite the shorter run my legs were already starting to chaff - not good. I'll try them again on another run together with Body Glide, if the chaffing problem continues they go in summer clothes closet - which will be too bad as they are really comfortable otherwise.

i have a pair of 2110s for the road running that i do. i feel if i am going to hit the asphalt, then i want the right shoe and these are very comfortable and help with stability, if that is an issue.

i still need to work out the shorts issue. are your longer spandex shorts simply bike shorts or are they special for running? i am quite a novice when it comes to figuring out which shorts to get.
I love Brooks Adrenaline. The only shoe made for my weird foot.

My husband loves Asics Cumulus.
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