Monday, May 22, 2006

Mannheim Marathon Cancelled!

A friend of my mine was going to run the Mannheim Team marathon on Saturday. He was among the over 8000 runners who lined up at the start line in the wind and the rain. As the wind speed increased, race officials delayed the race an hour, then cancelled it completely. Sections of the marathon route were scattered with trees and branches and the wind speed on the bridges had reached hurricane levels. The safety of the runners could no longer be guaranteed so the event was cancelled.

Having run this marathon last year, I can verify that high winds would have been brutal, there are lots of open roads and bridges. But can you imagine training for so long and then having the rug pulled out from under you as you line up for the start of the event!

My friend said that the runner’s were very unhappy about the decision, the majority angrily whistling and shouting when the announcement was made. What really added salt to the wounds was that the stormed cleared soon afterward and the sun came out.

This morning a local Mannheim newspaper reported that a local 10K race held in a neighboring town was overwhelmed on Sunday by frustrated marathoners looking to “run any race around”.

Have a nice week!

It's hard to imagine anything more frustrating! Funny to picture all these marathoners lining up at the 10K, elbowing out the other runners. "Get out of my way----I've GOT to run!!!"
oh, man, how tough!!!
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