Saturday, May 20, 2006

A Hilly 11-12K Run

In preparation for my 50K race next Thursday (25th) I decided to do my Saturday morning run last night. When I arrived home from work at 4 p.m. last night it was 20C/68F and the sky was turning black, I thought for sure a thunderstorm would soon be upon us. I quickly changed and drove to Weingarten, two town’s southeast of us, where I would run my hilly route. My goal was one loop, which normally takes 1:16:00, or around 11-12K (7M).

As I warmed up the sky started to clear and the sun came out, no rain. As I started running the clouds pretty much dissipated, leaving a clear blue sky, cool temperatures, and sunshine. After a 5 minute warm-up on a relatively flat dirt road, I turned and headed up the mountain. I felt fresh and strong, fly up the twisting road and gravel paths like a mountain goat. I flew over the top of the mountain, feeling powerful and energized - when I think back to the first time I ran this route in the Spring, the huffing, puffing and gasping – I’ve come a long way!

I continued my loop, over the rolling hills, down the mountain and up the second major climb – again tackling this with relative ease. From here it was another mile or two of rolling hills, then downhill all the way. The last mile was a gentle downhill stretch, approx. a mile long, I remembered my promise to Rae and flew down this joyful, dirt-covered stretch for Brent – Happy Birthday man!

I finished the loop 9 minutes faster than normal, partly because I didn’t take the two 3-minute walk breaks that I normally do, and mostly because I was just hyped and full of energy.

On Sunday I want to run a 8K/5M loop and Tuesday a gentle 20 minute jog around the fields. We are driving to Rengsdorf, just above Koblenz, where the race is held after work on Wednesday. Thursday is Ascension Day in Germany, a holiday. We are also taking a vacation day on Friday and staying an extra night.

Have a great weekend!

We had a rainy thunder storm last night as well. It was good as it cooled things of and was easier to sleep.

Good job on the run. You are soooooooooo ready for your race.
yay! you are definitely ready for the 50k, woo hoo!
it sounds like you are ready to have an excellent 50K, jack. i am getting more excited for you now :)
Good luck on your 50K!! You are going to do GREAT!
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