Thursday, May 11, 2006

First 50K = Two Weeks and Counting

After work yesterday it was a pleasant 21C/70F as I headed out over my 14K/8.7M flatland loop. My legs are still not totally recovered from all the running from last week, so I tried to keep the pace conservative. I ended up with an average pace of 5:40/K (9:07/M).

During the run last night my body let me know that it needs more time to recover from the roughly 104K/65M that I fed it last week. Looking back I should have stayed home on Sunday and put my feet up, rather than cycling and swimming.

In any case I am taking tonight and tomorrow night off from any training. Saturday morning I want to do a shorter long run, maybe 2-2½ hours, I’ll know better when I get out there.

Two weeks and roughly an hour from now is my 50K race. I use the term race loosely as most of the race reports that I have read about the event indicate it is really non-competitive, more of a family get-together of ultra freaks in Germany. Sounds like a challenging (due to the hill climbs), friendly, and low stress entry into the ultra running world. I feel kind of nervous, like with my first marathon. But my marathon a week ago was good proof that my training has been quite effective, I just need to trust my body to carry me through and not freak out when Terrible Tapering Tommy starts whispering doubt in my ear. Happy running!

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