Wednesday, May 31, 2006

An Easy Swim Night

Generally, I try not to brag too much about my accomplishments. But yesterday my ego got the best of me and I found myself bragging about how great my 50K race was last Thursday. Okay this was with a coworker (also a marathon runner) and it wasn’t a typical Ali “I am the greatest!”, but I definitely let the pride of my accomplishment be noticed. What can I say, I completed 50K, I still get goose pimples thinking about. Everyone needs to complete 50K, just to get this feeling. Can you imagine 50 miles, or a 100, my poor head would probably burst!

Anyway last night I went to the pool and swam 8 laps (800 meters), about half with my perverted freestyle and the rest breast stroke. Somehow my freestyle form was way off, I guess I forgot how to swim in the last three weeks that I stayed away from the pool. Sigh, I am still hoping I can take a freestyle class in the Fall.

After a quite dinner at home, my wife crashed on the couch and I spent some time looking over the race schedule for the summer. Lots of 10K races coming up in June and July. Several of them are within a half-hour drive from us, so I will probably participate in a few of them.

I have a slightly longer race in mind for the end of June, but am patiently waiting to see how my run tonight and this weekend go before I make any final plans. If my fitness level feels close to what it was before my 50K race and my wife is in agreement, then I will probably go for “it”. My upcoming runs this week are important milestones because there will be very little time to prepare for “it”.

Happy training!

You always have ambitious goals, and when you achieve them, you move on to the next level, don't you?
Yes it seems this way, but I guess that's the only way to really test ones limits. I hope I can keep pushing steady without crashing.
OH boy....I'm suspecting you're looking into a 50-miler!! Put a tape next to your wife's ears while she's sleeping that says, "Tell Jack to run the 50-miler, Tell Jack to run the 50-miler!"
What's the training plan look like? I'm excited for you!!
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