Thursday, May 11, 2006

Diet Status

I haven’t talked about my diet in a long time – not because I’ve been off it and have sprouted into glutton-Jack the ravish of every fast food joint in town, but rather because I am stuck on my marathon training plateau. The last few months I have hovered around 74kg/163lbs. with very little movement in either direction. On the positive side this means I have succeeded in fuelling a marathon and 50K training regime without ballooning out of proportion, but on the other side I am still 13 pounds shy of my final weight loss goal.

So after my 50K race in two weeks it’s back to losing weight before my next marathon training kicks in (sigh).

In any case I think overall I am eating much healthier than I ever have in my life. Most of the time I resist inhaling junk, high-fat, high-sugar, worthless (but good tasting) foods, alchoholic beverages or other assorted poisons. I do occasionally have some cake to keep from going through withdrawl, but either lighten up on stuffing myself with other high calorie foods or run some extra miles on these dark days to balance out things. So far so good, I'm only afraid to stop running because I know I'll end up balooning into the Pillsbury doughboy in a matter of hours.

Sometimes I get down on myself for not being at my weight goal. But I've done some great physical stuff the past couple of years, lost a good amount of weight (and kept it off!), so I just remin dmyself I won't turn into a frog if I don't hit goal by next Tuesday. You've accomplished so much jack and you're in such fabulous shape - but yeah, the extra few that won't leave are a royal pain!
losing weight is SO hard. way to go on your achievements! I like focusing on my fitness levels instead. It makes me feel better about myself as a whole.
Its often hard to balance the two. And like you, I'm stuck again. I think I'm even up a couple. Its such a tough battle.

But heh, you're doing great with your training and you look terrific.
Hey, Jack, if you *really* want to pack it on, you should totally get pregnant and have the cutest baby, ever. :)
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