Monday, May 08, 2006

Cross-training Pure!

Yesterday was my first offical day of tapering, my plan was to kick my feet up and relax the whole day. By noon my wife, who was trying to study for her evening class, suggested that I go swimming or something rather than pace around the house all day.

So I hopped on my bicycle and rode the approx. 14K/8.7M to the swimming pool in Karlsruhe and went swimming. The pool was fairly empty so I decided to practice my freestyle. I ended up swimming 600 meters freestyle (no breaks) and 400 meters breaststroke.

So I ended up with 28K (over 17 miles) on the bike and 1000 meters swimming – better than sitting around the house and snacking!

Tonight I have a 14K/8.7M recovery run on the schedule, Wednesday a slightly faster version of the same route and Saturday around a 2-2½ hour long run.

My next race is the 50K race on May 25th.

Heh - the wife frequently kicks me and the kids out, too...
biking to the pool - are you training for a triathlon? *g*
hi, jack...i just kind of stumbled across your blog. i am excited to see how you do in your first 50K. i am doing my first one later in the year and would love to chat with you about your experience after you are done. good luck with your race on May it pretty hilly?
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