Wednesday, May 17, 2006


When I got home from work at 4 p.m. last night it was a humid 24C/75F and the storm clouds were brewing. I sat around for a nanosecond trying to decide if I wanted to go to the swimming pool. My wife needed the car for a doctor’s appointment (checkup), so decided to take my bike to the next town, Blankenloch, and use their smaller 25-meter pool. This is only a 7K bike ride as opposed to 14K/8.7M to the larger (50-meter) pool in Karlsruhe. In any case I had to ride along several fields, fighting a stiff wind most the way to the pool – good training. I did a quick 800 meters, 500 freestyle, 300 breaststroke – then changed quickly and headed home. The way back was much faster as I was flying with the wind, I made it back to my house just as the first drops of rain began to fall. It was a very satisfying night of cross-training.

My tapering so far has left me feeling very positive and energetic. The only side effect is that I have been having trouble falling asleep the last couple nights. During normal training weeks I am worn out enough that I usually fall asleep instantly. I hope that my sleep pattern returns to normal soon, especially at the beginning of next week. Happy training!

Do people not drive like psychos where you live, or are they more accustomed to bikers? I'm a bit leery of riding without my husband b/c of the way people drive!

I have the same issue with sleep - if I take more than 1 day off from exercise, my insomnia comes back. Hard exercise = good sleep.
Keep the taper on song, and as I'll be away from a PC all next week, vacating in Spain, I'll get an early Well-Wish in for your rcae - You'll Blast it.
Sounds like everything is on track for you..just gotta work on falling asleep when you want to is all.
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