Sunday, May 21, 2006

Bike a little, run a little.

After lunch today it was a cool, very windy, but sunny 19C/66F. My wife was working on her homework for her Business English class, so I decided to take a bicycle ride. I rode on the asphalt bike trails separating some of the neighboring town, then came back along my running route, riding around 20K/12M. My wife was still studying, so I decided to get my run over with. I headed out over my normal running route, turning back after around 4K. I finished the 8.4K/5.2M round with an average pace of 5:40/K (9:07/M), a nice relaxed pace.

In any case my 50K race is coming up on Thursday morning (a holiday in Germany – Ascension Day). Tuesday I want to take a 20 minute jog, but otherwise I will be chilling out the best I can until the race. I am really looking forward to the race, am slightly nervous, but I know if I concentrate on going out slow and take it easy on the uphill sections I will be fine. I’m not really interested in setting any records, I just want to take it easy and finish. Early weather reports are calling for a mild 21C/70F and partly cloudy, which would be just about right.

We’ll see what happens. Have a great week!

I've been meaning to take mine for a spin...gotta get some air in the tires
less than a week...woo hoo!
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