Friday, May 26, 2006

50K = Mission Accomplished

We just got home a few minutes ago, so I'll just give you a few quick facts. It rained, it rained, and rained some more. It was 8C/45F, cold, windy, and did I say it rained. The trails were slick with mud, the hills steeper than I had imagined, some of the downhills downright brutal and merciless. I came, I fought - the trail and the weather beat me to a pulp, but in the end I conquered - 6:23:11! I'll try to get the full report finished today!

Way to go, Ultra Jack! Can't wait for the race report. Congratulations!!!
Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!! Sleep good!! You're an Ultra Man now!!!
Have I mentioned lately that you are THE MAN!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!
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