Monday, May 01, 2006

A 5 Mile Recovery Run

After a restful 9 hour sleep I woke up this morning feeling pretty good for having run a marathon yesterday. How good? Well, before lunch I went out for a 8K/5M recovery run, at a 6:21/K (10:13/M) pace. After a couple minutes the initial stiffness past and I felt great, I could have easy run my normal 14K route. But I decided not to push my luck and quit after the 8K. I made sure I stretched really well upon my return, and now, after a hearty lunch, I feel amazingly good.

My next run will be on Wednesday, a 14K/8.7M run, again at a conservative pace. On Friday I want to attempt a long run, the exact distance to be determined when I get out there – it depends on my recovery.

So today is a holiday in Germany, plus I still have vacation the rest of the week. Tomorrow, if the weather cooperates, will find me up on a scaffold scraping the old paint off my rain troughs. The paint is chipping so I need to repaint them - there is always something to do around the house.

Happy Runnning!

You ran the day after a marathon? You are my new hero.
Jack, what a great "training" marathon that was. And what a different report from the last time:)
Well done. And running again today? I'm amazed.
good job on the recovery run...I wish I could remember to take it easy on recovery runs...I think I'd feel much better :)
Look at you! I think it's so hilarious that you did this as a training run. People work their whole lives to finish a marathon. :0 I'd love to see what you could have done if you were "going for it", but I have to say, with that t-shirt and food situation, there's no point in busting your hump!
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