Saturday, May 13, 2006

A 2 1/2 Hour Hilly Run

This morning I went for a medium long run, about 2½ hours, or two loops of my hilly route in the neighboring town of Weingarten. I tried to take it a little easier today with my 50K race coming up on May 25th.

The temperature was 14C/57F as I started out, rising to 19C/67F by the time I drove home. It rained through the night and humidity was super high, I was drenched with sweat in a short time. Luckily I had filled my CamelBak so had plenty to drink with me. I really felt the high humidity on the uphill climbs, sweat was dripping like a waterfall along these stretches, whew.

While running I felt that I am not totally recovered from my marathon, long run, and fast race last Saturday. I’m going to cut my running down some more over the next 12 days before the 50K to ensure that I am in good shape for the race.

I was surfing the internet last night looking over races coming up the next few months. There are so many possibilities at almost any distance. I am wondering how much I should be pushing. I have been training pretty hard the whole winter and up to now. I am wondering if I should slow down and just train for my marathon in September, or keep the rhythm going and look for another marathon or ultra this year. I think things will be a little clearer after my 50K.

I'm worried about the humidity factor at my upcoming 50k! Hopefully, it will be ok (fingers crossed).
i am the same way, jack. my eyes get pretty big as i look over the race schedule and see all of the possibilities. as long as they don't fill up fast, you can wait until after the 50K to see what your body is up to doing. i am excited for your first 50K.
I think it always helps to have the next race to look forward to, so you don't suffer from post-race "depression"
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