Thursday, April 20, 2006

What a wonderful night for a 20K run!

It was a warm, sunny, 20C/68F outside as I left for my 20K/12.4M run last night. The birds were singing, the trees budding, the air was fresh with the fragrances of springtime – I love this time of year.

I concentrated on maintaining an easy pace, around 6:00/K (9:39/M). I cruised over my normal running path, eventually turning west and running an extra 6K/4M loop around the Graben Running Clubs trails before reconnecting to my path. I finished in 2:02:37, for a pace of around 6:05/K.

Later on in the evening my legs felt kind of stiff and sore, but this morning they are much better. I think the longer run in the middle of the week is quite challenging, and I'm sure I will eventually reap benefits from this. Tonight I want to run another 14K/8.7M run, but at recovery pace.

On Saturday I have a 3 hour and 15 minute long run on the schedule. I will be running this in the hills of the neighboring town of Weingarten, as I have for the past few weeks. For me these hilly long runs are very aggressive runs, at least compared to all the flat long runs that I did throughout the winter. But I am slowly starting to feel the benefits of these runs on hilly terrain. My other runs during the week, on flat land, are starting to feel slightly easier.

In any case I have a lot of miles to cover in the next few weeks before my 50K race on May 25th. I hope the old body holds up. Happy running!

Great to read about your swimming improvements and how the weather is making the runs so much more pleasant, and when it's nice weather, the runs seem easier.

The hill work will reap wonderful benefits over the summer, and your 50K race will be a great indicator to you.

As you mentioned in your comments to me, running for pleasure as we cease getting younger is far more productive than watching the clock and harping back to younger days.

Enjoy the road with the wind behind you.
I agree with Liam...hill work is amazing! Have you checked out the ultra trail you'll be doing as far as how many hills it will have? Do you plan to do any walking? I'm enjoying reading about your training...keeps me excited for when I plan to do mine (May '07)
I can't **wait** until my nice, easy pace is 9:30s!

Good job! Glad you are reaping the rewards.a
Good luck on your run this weekend! I agree, hill training just makes you stronger all around!
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