Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tuesday Night Swim Night

Yesterday I took a 25 minute walk with a coworker during lunch, this worked wonders in loosening up tired legs muscles. After work I stopped by the swimming pool and swam 1300 meters in laps, mostly breaststroke, but with a little “attempted freestyle” mixed in. By the last lap I was slowing down and getting pooped, I guess all the running over the weekend caught up to me (note: I swim my laps without any breaks).

This morning I feel a little tired and fat (swimming makes me hungry), but my legs feel good. Tonight I want to run a 14K easy pace run. Tomorrow night I am going to run my long run up and down the hills of Weingarten (a neighboring town). According to my training schedule the run should be two hours and 45 minutes, so I may need to bring my flashlight with me. I am a little skeptical about running a longer run after a full day’s work, but we’ll see how it goes. On Saturday I need to make up my mid-week 20K run. As we will be away visiting my wife’s aunt in Fuerth, near Nuremberg, this will consist of several loops around a large park that is nearby. It will be a nice change of scenery anyway!

It is always fun to run a new place. Enjoy!
Enjoy the new scenery! Everything makes me hungry.
First of all, congratulations on your 10k and PR! Nice job!

It's always nice to have a good recovery...
You should get one of those headlamps for running. I've thought about getting one as the flashlight becomes kinda bothersome when I get tired.

That and I think the headlamp makes me looks like a train at night. :)
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