Monday, April 03, 2006

Picture: Jack on the run!

My coworker surprised me with this picture this morning. I believe this was right after we came off the bridge and passed the 8K marker. We were just about to turn right and head out of town again. The tall dude directly behind me kept trying to pass me, but somehow I managed to stay ahead. In the end I wore him out and left him in the dust. Yeah, I'm gloating ;-)

That'll show the tall dude not to mess with our Jack!!!!!!
Yay Jack. Great determination on that face!
That's a terrific shot, Jack. Give your friend a pat on the back. :)
Way to go. Show your competitive spirit and let the big guy eat your dust on the way to a new PR. How does that sound?
thats a cool shot. and, all tall people must be beaten! (not beaten, like on the head, but beaten in a race hehe)
Cool pic! That guy is a GIANT!
Nice job on the PR, Jack. That guy in the pic looks like a hit man for the mob. Good thing you outlasted him or he'd a bustid up ya knees. :D

There's something very cool about that pic being in black and white.
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