Monday, April 03, 2006

It's official, I shaved 49 seconds off my PB

So the results of yesterday’s 10K race are finally in:

My official time: 48:18 (new personal best, yahoo!)
Ranking (men): 106/215
Age class ranking (M44): 22/37

First place male: 33:19 (age 27)
First place female: 36:37 (age 29)

The total number of runners was as follows:

Men: 215
Women: 70
Students: 66
Bambini’s (Under 10): 58

This is far less people than I thought were present. The organizer’s were expecting over a thousand people, so I guess they were disappointed. But the sad thing is they still ran out of T-Shirts! Can someone explain this to me, I come in 106th place and they don’t have any T-Shirts left, what is wrong with this picture?

Anyway it was a fun race, my muscles are a little sore today, but I know that I can still complete my training run tonight – so mission accomplished – and a new PB too!

Congrats on the PR! I think of Peanut Butter when I see PB. ;)
Sounds like you had a fun race!
Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! Guess there's life after a DNF!! YOUGOBOY!!!
that is a smoking fast time jack, woah!!
Dang, that's fast! DN-who??? :)
Nice job Jack. That tall guy looks like he is struggling to keep up.
Fantastic!! You are smokin' that dude behind you! (Sorry I don't know how i missed this!) You go, girlfriend!
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