Friday, April 21, 2006

An Easy 14K Run

Last night was a pleasant 21C/70F as I headed out the door for a 14K/8.7M run. My only goal was to keep the pace down so that my body recovers fast enough for my long run on Saturday morning. I ended up managing a relatively consistent pace, finishing with an average pace of 5:54/K (9:30/M). This morning my legs are slightly tired, but in a good way – I don’t anticipate having any trouble on Saturday morning.

Today is my last day of work before a two week vacation, so I have a lot of work to do. Have a great weekend.

Enjoy the vacation and get that final prep done for your BIG one. Still can't get over your 70 degree temps, we are still struggling to break 50. (Mind you, just read it's nearer 90 in Nashville).

Hope you can still keep the posts coming when you're on leave.
Don't forget to run on your vacation.
Have a great weekend!
Vacation! Lovely. Enjoy it!

Saturday should be interesting, and I think it's brilliant to train on hills. I was reading jeff's Boston wrap up, and he talked about how much that helped him. I'm always trying to figure out how to avoid hills, but it can only make us stronger!
tie up all those loose ends and have a great vacation.
have fun on your vacation!!!
Enjoy the vacation Jack. I hope you have some rest and relaxation planned.
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