Monday, April 17, 2006

Daydreaming + Running = Skinned Knees

Today was Easter Monday, a holiday in Germany. I spent some time with my wife this morning, then, as she needed to study for her night school, suited up and went for a run before lunch. My goal was a 14K/8.7M tempo run.

It was a fairly mild day, cloudy with temperatures hovering around 15C/59F. The wind was blowing slightly as I started out on my run. I quickly fell into a 5:30/K (8:51/M) pace and wound my way over my normal trail. My legs were kind of stiff from the long run on Friday, but after a few kilometers I loosened up and but on the cruise control.

As I entered the forest I must have been dreaming about the next race or something because next thing I knew I was laying face down in the mud after tripping over a root. Luckily I only skinned my knees and bruised my pride. After inspecting the "bod" for damage, I decided that I could continue. So after looking around to make sure no one saw how dumb I was, I continued on my merry way...

I finished my run with an average pace of 5:17/K (8:31/M), a little faster than I had planned, but totally satisfying. As I write my knees hurt a little, I hope they are back in shape for my 20K (12.4M) run on Wednesday.

Tomorrow night I want to stop at the pool and do some laps (if my knees feel better). Have a nice week everyone!


But, it looks like the training's going swimmingly. At least, it will be tomorrow night.
Glad you're okay. I did a number on my ankle doing that back in February!
Whoops! If a Jack falls in the woods, and nobody's around to hear it, does he make any noise? ;)
I once hurt my knee while running and came back home bleeding a little. For the next 3 months, every single time I went out for a run, the twins reminded me to be careful, and when I came back they inquired if I had hurt my knee again.
Hope it was only pride that suffered. Your training seems to be going great - Let's trust this is a short setback, if that. Enjoy the swim.
Hope the boo-boo heals fast!!!
ouch! hate it when that happens, hope it's all better now.

But great pace there, you're getting real fast.
Ouch, good job for getting up and keeping going!
Ouch, glad only the ego was hurt in that fall. I hope the knee really is okay.

Mia's comment is funny.
Oops!! Just consider it a war wound!!
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