Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Blogger is a Pain in the Blog

Blogger, my blog host, is seriously getting on my nerves. I have been trying to post pictures and links the last few days but have been unable too. Yesterday I tried to post a comment on Thomas’s site and it wouldn’t post, it wouldn’t post, it wouldn’t post and BLAM finally it posted three times – what’s up with that? I think it about time to start looking around for another blogging host – any suggestions?

Anyway as a work around for the picture problem I have copied the pictures that I wanted to show to one of my websites. Here are the links:

1. Some pictures of the front of our house and the masonry work that I was doing this week.

2. Some pictures of our trip to Karlsruhe last Sunday.

Our humble house on the corner was built in 1715 and is one of the oldest houses in the Village of Friedrichstal, Town of Stutensee. Friedrichstal was originally a Huguenot settlement, built from Huguenots that fled religious persecution in France and/or Switzerland.

The house was purchased by the village around 1775 for use as a Lutheran School. A local historian has also stated that the house was used as a toll house at some point in time, but could not provide any further information.

We did discover a picture of the house in a local history book that was probably taken around the 1920’s or 30’s. This picture shows some of the original timber frame construction. The timber frame has long since been plastered (cemented) over, but we still see some of the timbers in the upper part of the shed (right side of the house).

Being a history buff (and active hobby genealogist) it is totally fascinating living in a house that was built in a time when America was still in its infancy. We keep hoping that we will stumble across more information about the house. I guess you can imagine why I have a hard time imagining moving back to the United States anytime soon (that and the 30 days vacation a year ;-)

Jack, as a fellow user of Blogger, it may be the template you are using as I have no problem with pics. More likely, the other thing it could be is the size of the pics that you are trying to load. I resize my digital images using Photo Shop and have no problem uploading them to my Blog (Fingers crossed).
I've had a few problems with blogger yesterday as well, Jack, so it's not just you. I'm not yet quite ready to move though, I still keep hoping for a more stable connection.
I also have been having problems with eblogger, I'm hoping the problems get better, since I don't want to have to move.

Your house is amazing!! I love old houses. When we lived in NH we lived in a house that was built in 1858 and I miss it so much.
To answer your question, we lived in Giessen, Germany. I don't remember a lot about it, but I know we did a ton of travelling when we were there and I remember bits and pieces.
Take care and have a great day.
Blogger has been a pain - I've been wanting to post beach pics!

That's one thing I enjoyed so much about living in Germany - the fact that old things are treasured, rather than being torn down to be replaced with a strip mall.
I hated Blogger when I was there. The templates are a pain and its always down. Maybe it was nice in the beginning when there weren't 10000000 users, but now its a giant collosal mess.

Have you talked to Mark about Complete Running?
Blogger had serious problems yesterday, starting sunday night. worldwide problems. it's not you, it's them! i too am looking for a new place.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the house and the HISTORY!!! so fascinating to think of all the lives that have lived there, and all they lived through and saw. thanks for sharing. (P.s. thanks. now i want to live in GERMANY!!!)
Blogger was terrible Sunday and Monday!! A lot of people are going over to breakthetape.
that is so cool about your house . . . the 30 days vacation is cool too.
go to www.breakingthetape.com - I switched from blogger awhile ago, and I love it! Jeff does a great job.

your house sounds fantastic!
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