Sunday, April 23, 2006

An Afternoon in the City

Today was a picture perfect day of being lazy. First we slept till almost 8:30 a.m., something that doesn’t happen too often in this household. Then after church, rather than going swimming I let my wife talk me into going to the nearby city of Karlsruhe for a market festival.

So we drove to the next village where we caught the streetcar to Karlsruhe, whereas upon arriving at the market square did not find a festival! My wife apparently didn’t read the fine print, the festival ended last night. Being flexible people we took a stroll through the palace gardens and discussed what to do next. We decided to backtrack with the streetcar and go to the local brewery and have lunch in their beer garden (Biergarten).

The Hoepfner Biergarten is a favorite place for the local city dwellers to sit and spend a warm sunny afternoon on the weekend. I was a little concerned about finding something healthy on the menu, as most beer gardens specialize in bratwurst, pork schnitzels and other fatty foods. I was pleasantly surprised to find a fiery pasta dish and a green salad on the menu, which turned out to be quite good and about as healthy as I was going to find.

In any case we had a good time sitting in the sun, chatting and watching the interesting people around. All in all an interesting afternoon, despite missing the market.

I took a couple pictures, but so far Blogger has not let me upload a picture, maybe tomorrow. Have a nice Sunday!

People watching is a very amusing passtime.
Sounds like after your long run on Saturday, Sunday was just what the Running Doctor ordered.

Relaxation, a couple of beers, good food, and people watching - Perfect :)
I agree with Liam, after your long run a lazy day in the sun is just what you needed most.
I've been having probs loading pics myself. Glad you had a nice weekend and enjoyed the spring weather!
Blogger was very grouchy yesterday!!
mmm sounds nice
sometimes you just need to chill...
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