Saturday, April 15, 2006

A 3 Hour Long Run and a 14K Recovery Run

I am a day behind in my training report. Yesterday (Friday) morning was a holiday in Germany (Good Friday) so I didn’t crawl out of bed until almost 8 a.m.. I still managed to eat breakfast and drive to the neighboring town of Weingarten for my long run by 9 a.m. On the schedule: a three hour hilly long run.

I followed more or less the same loop as last week:

- Approx. 6-7 minutes of warmup on a relatively flat forested logging trail.
- A six minute hill climb (about 150 meter elevation change).
- Approx. 20 minutes of rolling hills.
- A rapid decent to the base of the hill.
- A second hill climb, apprx. 4 minutes.
- Another series of rolling hills, followed by a descent to the base of the hill and the starting point.

The first loop took around 70 minutes. The second loop took a couple minutes longer than the first.

I filled in the remainder of the time by backtracking the loop and doing several small hill climbs and a couple loops along a small upgrade near my starting point. In any case I ran for 3 hours and 1 minute, taking a 3 minute walk break approx. every 30 minutes.

To make a long story short: The first loop was fine, the second loop was hard, and the final 40 minutes or so kicked my butt. It was a terribly good workout, in other words it pushed me hard, I was sore today, but not to the point where I was reduced to a vegetable on the couch.

So that was yesterday, today my day went like this: First, I spent two hours wandering around shopping with my wife (I wandered, she shopped). Second, we worked for over three hours in the garden (I mowed the grass for the first time!). Third, I ran a 14K/8.7M recovery run.

My recovery run went well, I was tired, so took it slow and enjoyed the warmer, sunny weather that we had in the late afternoon (17C/63F). My average pace was still 5:52/K (9:26/M), so I can’t complain.

My total mileage for the week 74K/46M, exactly what I had scheduled. Tomorrow is Easter and a rest day. Normally I go swimming after church, but the pool is closed. It is a good day to spend with my wife, so I will do so.

Happy Easter everyone!

happy easter, jack! that sounds like an awesome run! i'm still struggling with running for an hour!
whew! i got tired just reading that!
Nice training week Jack. Have a happy Easter.
In running, you usually get back during the race what you have put in during training. You are putting an awful lot into it, Jack. You'll be able to draw on a lot of reserves on that ultra.

Well Done. Keep Going.
Nice run there!
What a run!! Have a great Easter!
Happy Easter Jack!! You don't need a nap after those runs?? Wow! That's awesome!!!
whew, nice running jack. hope your easter was good times!
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