Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Warm Spring Day Run

When I got off work last it was 15C/59F, sunny, warm, windless and beautiful. By the time I got suited up and out the door I was pumped. My training goal was to run my normal 14K/8.7 route at a pace of 5:30/K (8:51/M). The mud on the trails had dried up, so running was much easier. After warming up a couple kilometers I shifted it up a notch and knocked out a couple sub-5:00/K kilometers (8:03/M pace), but decided I should save my legs for the rest of the week so slowed it back down a bit. I felt strong, light and full of energy – love that warm weather! My average pace for the run was 5:13/K (8:24/M), not too shabby for these old bones.

This morning is a little cooler and its raining, but no matter, after work I’m heading to the pool for some laps. If I still have energy left I will also do some weight training tonight with my free weights.

Diet Update

My diet is off to a good start, I dropped 2kg/4.4lbs. yesterday, probably mostly water. Now comes the tricky part, namely eating enough to supply the energy I need for training, while at the same time having a deficit so that I lose some weight. Once I start up’ing the mileage I will need to eat more, so the next few weeks are key weight-loss weeks. After the high mileage starts my weight will level off at whatever level I’m at until after the 50K. So hopefully I can drop 8-10 pounds before then.

Good luck with the diet Jack. I could never master the trick of losing weight while running long distances. But I bet you can!
I don't know how you manage to combine a diet with running, Jack, but good luck all the same.

From your last run I'd say you have pretty much recovered from the aborted marathon.
Good luck with the Diet, Jack. I ain't been doing so well, so you can take the lead on this one...lol.
Good luck with the Diet, Jack. I ain't been doing so well, so you can take the lead on this one...lol.
Oh yes dieting is a hard part of fitness. Sometimes it looks like my mind is already convinced about eating well healthy and not big amounts... but not my hand putting food in my mouth.
have fun with the diet. I found that during my "monster" month, I couldn't stop eating - and I was still losing weight!
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