Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Swim Night

I stopped at the pool last night and swam 1200 meters breaststroke. I thought about practicing my freestyle for a little bit, but the pool was getting really crowded, so I decided to call it a night. Later after a fine meal of liver, potatoes and broccoli I went upstairs in our shed and worked out a bit with free weights, mostly upper body.

Tonight I have an easy-pace 20K/12.4M run on the schedule. This will consist of my normal 14K route plus 6K. The upcoming weekend will be busy, I have a 22K/13.7M hill run on the schedule for Saturday morning and a 10K race on Sunday. The 10K race will be a just-for-fun training run as I can’t afford to lose any training days next week, my 50K is looming on the horizon (May 25th).

LIVER!!???? What a guy!
Are you training on any trails?
i'll only eat liver if my grandma makes it, otherwise..blah!

All the reason I quit going to the pool, the crowd. I wish I could go in the middle of the day... but no opportunity yet.
50km how exciting, keep up the good workout!
Enjoy the 10 km.
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