Sunday, March 05, 2006

A pleasant 14K run in the snow.

Yesterday I went out for a nice easy 14K/8.7M run. It was still challenging because Friday it snowed, then rained and we woke up on Saturday to 4 inches of new snow. The result was frozen slosh with four inches of wet snow on top of it. I literally had to plow my way through the woods, slipping and sliding like a mud wrestler. On the other side at 7:30 a.m. when I left for my run it was 1C/34F, windless and the air was fresh and clean. For the most part I ran on virgin snow, I guess it was too early for the dog walkers, kids with sleds and logging crews. There was a gentle fog drifting over the fields, I saw several deer and rabbits, a fox, in the forest - and as I finished the last few kilometers the sun greeted me with all its glory – what a way to finish a week of running!

Speaking of a week, next Sunday is the big day – my marathon starts at 10 a.m. (USA = 4 a.m. EST). It is supposed to start warming up again over the next few days, but it is still too early for next weekend’s prediction. I hope that we don’t get another snow storm, this could result either in an event cancellation (worst case) or a slow, messy race (which I could live with – good cross-country training ;-)

In any case any race this time of year in my area is very dependant upon the weather – anything can happen! If this were my first (or second) marathon I would be all paranoid and worried about it, but being number three I know if is not my day than I will just do better next time. Of course I will do my best and try to run a smart race, I didn’t train through the whole winter to fall apart on race day.

My personal motto for race day: Rock Steady!

Jack, it seems like you never have a bad run! What a beautiful description of your run this morning! I, for one, have had it with cold, wet, and ice. I'm ready for some warmer temps.

Good luck with the taper! Can't wait to hear about next week!
Uhuh! Enough of winter already. You'll do great next week Jack, you always do.
That 14K route you have must be your favorite since you seem to run it quite often. I have a favorite route, or at least a most convenient route, but it is only about 9K and not very scenic. Rest up this week.
wow i can't believe the 'thon has come so quick. have a great race next sunday man!
I can't believe your M is just a few days away!!! You're going to do great.

I'm sure you'll be finished and your feet propped up before we even wake up over here!
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