Friday, March 17, 2006

My New CamelBak Rim Runner !

My, aren't I posting weird stuff today...

I can't resist shouting to the RBF world that UPS finally delivered my new CamelBak 3L, lots of room, bring my lunch, wardrobe and breakfast, RIM RUNNER backpack with room for the dog (oh I don't have one) too!!!!

Pure L-UST I tell ya!

Sweet! You'll have to post a review on it!
I have an older version very similar to that one and I love it. I feel like I can wander off for a day or two and pack enough supplies to keep me alive.
Nice! Does it come in pink, lol?

Our local outdoor shop is having their annual spring sale today...I think I might just have to go!!!
that looks awesome!!
I use a camel pack also and I love it, better I do it unless I want to be melted with this heat!
Doesn't the water wet frozen where you live?

Nice workout you are planning to practice, enjoy it, I would love to do something similar someday, certainly and unfortunately not berries in this weather(again).

Send you all the heat required, and don’t worry is for free.
Are you planning on using that baby for the ultra?
Very cool! I have a dog you can borrow if you're looking for one to carry!!
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