Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Marathon Route

Here is a couple pictures of last years marathon that show the type of typical forest paths that make up the majority of the marathon route. You will notice they are asphalt and slightly crowned:

The paths are almost identical to what I trained on - after about three hours you feel it in every part of your legs.

Here is a picture showing the Bienwald Marathon and Half-marathon route. The "V" numbers are the refreshment/first aid stations:

Hi Jack,

I found your running blog very interesting. I am preparing for my first marathon at the moment and I have learnt a great deal from reading blogs such as yours.

I have decided to create a list of top running blogs. I would appreciate it if you could add your blog to the list.
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Thank you and keep up the good running!

wow that looks like a very interesting course!
The path is unappropriate for a long distance run like a marathon but such landscape helps a lot "to spend" the time.
Personally I don't like out-and-back courses, but when you're running a marathon you hardly notice it anyway.

Try to run in the center of the crowned roads as much as possible.
Be careful out there!
What kind of refreshments do they serve??? Has Gatorade hit your country?
Yeah, that crown on the path would be dreadful for a marathon. Run in the middle or on the grass?

When I see pics of people from other countries like that, I try see if they "look" they are from there. Hairstyles, clothes, etc. Nope. All runners look the same. Lycra clad and sweaty. :)
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