Friday, March 31, 2006

It was love at first sight...

Last night my wife declared that it was a rest day and that I was going to take her shopping. Now normally I hate shopping, at least anything that doesn’t involve running stuff or tools, but as I am trying out for the hubby of the year award I decided to try to earn a couple points. So without a negative peep out of me, I let her drag me around her favorite department store until her heart’s content (about 2 hours).

In the end, she had to drag me out of the store. Yes, you heard right, this “shopping-is-hell-on-earth” diehard needed to be dragged out of the store like a two-year-old kicking and screaming (well maybe not really). So what held this 46 year old kid’s attention?

Well it had to be a she, because only a female could cause a grown man to slobber and drool like a teenager eyeing the chick across the room. It was lust at first sight, she was exquisite, every curve flawless, she was dressed in red with sleek black footwear. Her machinery was akin to a fine Swiss watch, resplendent, ravishing! I must have been obvious with my lust as my wife came by and told me to tuck my tough back in my mouth, it was time to go. So with much regret I gave Sherry (yes I knew her name already) a kiss, caressed her 18 gears and curved handle bars, admired her studded tires, and hugged her red frame. Good night mountain bike, I will visit again soon ...

hah! i love it!

*waves his hands in a hypnotizing manner*

get the bike...get the bike!
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