Wednesday, March 08, 2006

G.I. Jack, Hoo-Rah!

I can’t resist throwing this out again, any of you looking for something new in your fitness routine should try an adventure run. I trained a couple times with the British army when I was stationed in Germany in the 1980's, they know how to get the work done and how to have fun afterwards. It doesn’t surprise me that they came up with the ultimate adventure race – The Tough Guy Race. The next time your buddies tell you that you are insane when you say you are going to run a marathon, invite them to run The Tough Guy Race with you and see what they say! Ha!

I’m already looking for an adventure race in my area! Oh and if you think I’m just going through taper madness, see what Ellie, alias G.I. Jane, has to say about it!

Anybody interested in going to England as part of an RBF team? Maybe we can get Mark to coach us!

About as close as I came was the xterra, where we had to climb lots of tall stairs and cross bridges....climb a few rocks...but NOTHING like this. I think I'll stick to flat surfaces:)
Looks insane!! Go for it!! You got room to put up all the bloggers that come thru????
How long is it? I couldn't find the actual distance on that site. Not that I fancy the cold water, no matter how long the race itself is.
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