Friday, March 17, 2006

A Dixie Chick Addiction

I don’t know who it was, but one of you guys got me hooked on the Dixie Chicks and now I’m playing their music to obsession. Today my coworker said to me “Can’t you please play something else already”! So who’s guilty? Take one step forward, right now! Ha, I know who it was…didn’t think I’d remember huh! Yep, just say Goodbye Earl, Hello Mr. Heartache, you better be Ready to Run ‘cause If I Fall You’re Going Down With Me! Is that all right, good! ;-)

This weekend is supposed to be warm (10C/50F) and mild, I hear my garden calling me. Looks like I’ll be raking, pruning and other such crosstraining. I definitely have to take advantage of the weather before it decides to snow again.

Have a great weekend everyone, especially you, for putting some Dixie in my life!

I like the Dixie Chicks. My favorites "Heartbreak Town" and the old standby "Cowboy Take Me Away." Of course I do add other stuff to my listening mix, so as not to offend anyone.
I have some Toby Keith playing in the moment, the natives have settled down ;-)
Have a great weekend, and don't forget to put the vacuum in the closet! :-)
I love it: "raking, pruning and other such crosstraining"

Have fun!
LOL! Yep - Dixie Chicks are the best! I'm gonna go run in some Wide Open Spaces...
I have Dixie Chicks on my MP3. Looking for a change you might check out Shedaisy - Don't Worry 'Bout A Thing. You can check them out at

I have that one on my MP3 and its a great song for right about now. Also real good for when you're about ready to give up on a long run.
every once in a while i get the itch for some dixie chicks too. it goes in phases though. i heard their new album is done and is coming out soon (this summer maybe?) i think i read about it in the within the past few weeks...
Ha! You're welcome. I wouldn't dream of starting a race any other way! It's my official "call to race" song!! It's been song #1 for a full year next month. I also have Wide Open Spaces in my "I'm Running for a While" playlist. =)

My new picks? Natasha Bedingield's Unwritten, Frou Frou's "Holding out for a Hero" and Disturbed's "Land of Confusion". Maybe your friends will thank me, or no longer blame me!

i guess here's a safe place to admit that i like them too. (just don't tell anybody!)

funny about shedaisy. i never heard of them, but somehow i have one of their songs on my iPod: "i will...but". i always liked it.
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