Monday, March 20, 2006

DIET is a four letter word...

...but a necessary evil in order to meet my weight goal. Last week I enjoyed recovering from my attempted marathon, I feasted, I binged, I gobbled up any food looking substance within reach. This morning I weighed myself, the first time in a week, and was not at all surprised to find my highest weight so far this year: 76kg/168lbs.

Well folks the party is over, it’s time to get back to work! My goal 68kg/150lbs. My plan is easy:

- Cut waaay back on the sweets.
- Watch the fat intake.
- Eat healthy.
- Reduce serving size.
- Train hard!

Today is the official first day of Spring in Germany and to celebrate I started my diet and my new training for the 50K on May 25th. I created a new link on my sidebar , “Current Training Plan”, so that you can follow along with Jack's Spring Training.

Losing 8 kg......better a marathon, less painful! Well, I am sure you will succeed but be careful because when you come to Italy the local food will be very dangerous for your diet....many temptations!
I is a four letter word. But, alas, it's a four letter word that is in my vocabulary a lot lately. Good luck with your goals.
I used to be so worked up about my diet, but no more....blah. I figure as long as I don't go over a certain weight, then I'm happy.

Wow, that's some intense training schedule, good luck!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I think I want to run a marathon just for the ability to eat what ever I want after. Sounds awfully good!

Good luck on your diet and with your workouts.
I would like to be where you are at right now Jack. I am about 177-180lbs depending on the day. It seems as if I were a bit lighter maybe I can become a bit swifter on my feet as well. However, I promised my wife I would stop using four letter words.
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